History and philosophy

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Philosophie et histoire


In 2003,  relying on an experience of more than 35 years in the field of the transport of patients and of international repatriation, the founders of SUD ASSISTANCE associated their respective skills and experiences of the field and the logistics.

The small initial team quickly developed to become the most important ambulance company  of Wallonia. Today, more than sixty full-time or part-time co-workers contribute to SUD ASSISTANCE activity


From its origin,  the goal of SUD ASSISTANCE has been to insure that the tranport of patients is no longer a  the weak link of the healthcare chain.

To reach its goal, SUD ASSISTANCE appointed the services of emergency physicians specialized as well as of patented nurses S.I.S.U.

All the co-workers kept an hospital activity in intensive care or emergency units. That makes them able to reproduce the best quality of services aboard ambulances.

SUD ASSISTANCE puts at their disposal a  state-of-the-art working environment, medical and road equipment.