Inter hospital transfer

Sud Assistance has an excellent reputation for quality of service: we operate under a strict and rigorous governance regime and compliance is constantly monitored in order that we offer the safest and most secure service to our patients.

Our commitment to client service ensures an efficient en dedicated service that includes transport for high acuity en complex patients.

We offer à range of healthcare transport services designed to meet the various needs of our customers: with patient care and safety of the highest priority

Sud Assistance offers a range of transport services designed to meet the various requirements of our healthcare network customers

Routine patient transport :

High Dependency transport Medical ambulance High dependency ambulance Emergency Doctor, FPOS staff and PTS drivers
Intermediate ambulance  FPOS staff and PTS drivers
Ambulance PTS drivers
Comfortable medical cars for lower dependency patients PTS drivers Hospital to home/care facility discharge services
Hospital discharge Support Taxi Prestige vehicle Mercedes E or Viano