Quality and hygiene

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Qualités et hygiène


Quality control

SUD ASSISTANCE applies "quality" procedures at all levels of the operational chain.

From the first call of the hospital or the insurance company , a file is established containing the following items:

  • the evaluation of needs, 
  • specific staff if requested, 
  • need of medical bags , prepared by our logistician,
  • the instructions for the preparation of the vectors of transport (taxi, V.S.L ., IC unit or even air transport).

At the end of every mission, a debriefing is realized to verify the quality of the realization and to identify the possible problems in order to bring a solution or improvement.

These strict procedures guarantee the highest possible level of quality for the transported patient.


SUD ASSISTANCE accepts no compromise in this domain. His managers were always forerunners in this subject.

SUD ASSISTANCE was the first ambulances company to  systematically use NOCOSPRAY-NOCOLYSE in its vehicles. After every mission, the vehicle is subjected to a disinfection by NOCOLYSE.

The bedclothes are changed and sent in a specialised wash house. All contact areas are pulverized with INCIDIN then carefully wiped.

Our staff changes their outfit daily and more if necessary.

The constant hygiene of hands is assured by individual packs of antiseptic.

All ambulances are equiped with special outfits(gloves and masks) in case of contamination.