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RepatriationEVASAN mission from ROME to BRUSSELS aboard a Learjet 31a. Mission fully managed by SUD ASSISTANCE, in partnership with our aircraft provider.RepatriationRepatriationRepatriation

A personalized service

Sud Assistance has an excellent reputation for quality of service; key to this is our commitment to employ the best and most experienced Paramedics, Technicians and Attendants. Sud Assistance operates under a strict and rigorous governance regime and compliance is constantly monitored in order that we offer the safest and most secure service to the patient.

Repatriation by road

All vehicles are medically equipped to a high standard, specialist equipment is supplemented depending upon the patient’s condition

Our high dependency ambulances equipped with full medical facilities make these vehicles ideal for the transport of the more serious medical conditions.

Vehicle Drive Back Service
Sud Assistance has available very experienced chauffeurs to collect cars, trailers, etc from clients whom have been taken ill or have been injured during their stay in Europe and return the vehicle to the required destination.

High Dependency transport Medical ambulance High dependency ambulance Emergency Doctor, FPOS staff and PTS drivers
Intermediate ambulance  FPOS staff and PTS drivers
Ambulance PTS drivers
Comfortable medical cars for lower dependency patients PTS drivers Hospital to home/care facility discharge services
Hospital discharge Support Taxi Prestige vehicle Mercedes E or Viano

Repatriation by air

If for medical or personal comfort the insurance company decides to repatriate you by air road, Sud Assistance will provide a medical staff who will accompany you and will try to make your journey comfortable and safe.

According to your needs, the following solutions can be organized :

  • Regular flight
  • Regular flight with stretcher
  • Medical flights on Northern Europe and Mediterranean