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A reliable organization

SUD ASSISTANCE has gained extensive experience for all types of repatriations worldwide. At present, we operate more than 1 000 repatriation missions a year.

It has developed its own management and logistics softwarein order to ensure an efficient service and secured communication amongst the staff as well as with the partners.

  • This modern tool is the link between the various participants. Each one possesses ist own account has access to all the data relative to his mission.
  • The system contains all the procedures to be followed in mission, service bills and even a blog.

All our vehicles are equipped with a system of satellite geo-localization.

  • We know in real time the status of the vehicle : its localization, its current speed, its emergency level, etc. … The whole information is filed on our computer.
  • This method allows us to have an excellent real time monitoring of our missions.
  • A window of visibility can be granted to our customers which would like to follow their patients in real time.
  • It is an excellent tool for guiding and supporing the teams on the road. 


 A logistician manages the stocks of medical equipment.

  • He takes care of orders and labeling of each article.
  • He manages by means of computing tools all the expiry dates of the products carried in the vehicles, in the medical cases and in the stocks.
  • He composes the  escort bags according to the pathology, to the destination and to the mode of transport.


A multidisciplinary and experienced staff

All the members of our medical staff (doctors and nurses) are certified in emergency medicine and most of them are active in emergency departments of leading hospitals. Only the best are selected to work at SUD ASSISTANCE.

Our agents are generally trilingual (French, English, Dutch, German , …).
It is possible to call on to particular profiles like obstetrician doctor, neonatal  nurse, psychiatrist,  ….